Lucía Obregón

Communications and Event Production Manager

Lucia Obregon is a Queer immigrant from Guatemala, she emigrated to the United States with her mother at the age of 11. Her experience as an immigrant has helped shape her career as a well-known community organizer in the Mission District in San Francisco.


Lucia believes that the best way of celebrating culture is through creating and fostering safe community spaces such as community events, shows,  cultural festivals, town halls, community trainings, fundraising events and even weddings or any joyous celebration. Being an artist herself, she enjoys singing and playing the ukulele and jamming along with her bandmates of Luna Ilamo as a way of healing and sharing with her community.  


Her work as an organizer mostly focuses on mitigating the impacts of displacement and gentrification by implementing strategies and legislation with a narrow focus on equity and cultural place keeping. She organizes coalitions such as United to Save the Mission and has led the efforts to expand the Latinx Cultural District.  She has also been a prominent immigrant rights activist, organizing several “Close the Camps” protests to end the cruel treatment of families at the border.  She has also worked on establishing legislation that incorporates immigrants to the democratic process such as Pron N (2016) that gave the right for parents to vote regardless of their immigrant status. She has since led a team of 10 Community leaders who aim to increase immigrant civic participation in our city as well as increase parent participation in our schools.   During the Census her and her team developed community friend “Loteria” that would inform families of the census while also playing a game.


Her communication experience extends beyond political campaign management (for prop N 2016, Prop C 2016, prop C 2018, Prop C 2019, Prop E 2019). Her main focus is designing and creating community materials and collateral focused on creating community-accessible, action-based material, “friendly to your grandma, and inspiring her to take action” as she would describe it. She is one of 2 content creators and social media and communications for the Mission Economic Development Agency.  


As a response to the health crisis, Lucía has jumped into the virtual arena organizing town halls, interviews, and digital concerts using facebook and other social media platforms. Her goal has been to create content for hard to reach communities, creating almost all content in Spanish aiming to  bridge the digital divide among immigrant populations.   


Beyond her expansive scope of work, Lucia is a fierce loving leader, a caretaker of her family, friends and dog Terra. She loves nature, painting and volunteering for mutual aid groups. We are lucky to have her as part of the team

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