La Diáspora Festival is growing and becoming more and more a reality where we all have an important role. When I close my eyes I can remember the moments of true connection. The moments when all barriers fall down and against all odds, we dare to become one. En esos momentos el miedo de ser quienes somos desaparece y sólo queda nuestra esencia.


After touring around Mexico, collaborating with amazing and talented artists from all disciplines, performing in state-of-the-art, historic venues, we want to share all this magic with you, acompañanos a celebrar nuestro regreso a casa. 


"There aren't a lot of places where you can listen to poetry, with Bomba Puertorriqueña, Cumbia, Bullerengue Champeta, and Son Jarocho, and also witness a beautiful dance piece ALL together!! La Diáspora hears all of our voices, La Diáspora contains multitudes.".


Please help us sharing this beautiful project, and invite others to join. 


“No hay mayor acto de rebeldía que conservar la alegría” -- There is no greater act of rebellion than happiness. – Berta Cáceres


MorenA - La Gente SF

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