Eva Mas

Eva Mas

Co-Founder and Producer

Eva Mas is a cultural producer, community organizer, facilitator, tour booker and musician who has been focusing their energy in helping the Mission and the arts not just survive but thrive since 2012.


As the second generation of their family born in a different country than their parents, and later moving across the world, Eva’s Diasporic experience has been intrinsec to the formation of their identity. At age 18 Eva wrote a letter to their Chilean Jewish mother and Catalan father, thanking them for the burden and gift of holding all their family’s identities at once, without any of them erasing the others. Adding to this journey in multi-layered identity, Eva came out as queer in 2010, and non-binary in 2019. 


After many passionate discussions with Arturo Mendez, together with several artists, they co-founded La Diaspora Fest in 2019. Eva was instrumental in the successful production and coordination of three fundraising events that allowed for fifteen Bay Area Artists to travel to Puebla, Mexico to perform. In addition, they organized fourteen concerts in Mexico for Banda Sin Nombre and La Gente SF. Eva has also contributed a focus on the appreciation and centering of queer and trans art in La Diaspora Fest, ensuring all voices of the group are heard to function as a collective, including advocating for more queer women of color leadership in the project.

You can find out more about Eva’s work at evamas.org and about their band at bandasinnombre.com.

MorenA - La Gente SF

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