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Lucía Obregón

Communications and Event Production Manager

Lucia Obregon was born in Guatemala and emigrated to the United States with her mother at the age of 11. Her experience as an immigrant has helped shape her career as a well-known community organizer in the Mission District in San Francisco.


Celebrating culture through creating and fostering safe community spaces such as community events, town halls, corporate events, fundraising, galas, weddings as well as shows and cultural festivals. As a response to the health crisis, Lucía has jumped into the virtual arena organizing town halls, interviews, and digital concerts.

Her communication experience extends to political campaign management (for prop N 2016, Prop C 2016, prop C 2018, Prop C 2019, Prop E 2019). Her main focus is designing and creating community materials and collateral focused on creating community-accessible, action-based material, “Friendly to your grandma, and inspiring to take action”. Current-content creator and social media and communications for MEDA. 

Her work as an organizer mostly focuses on mitigating the impacts of displacement and gentrification by implementing strategies and legislation with a narrow focus on equity and cultural place keeping. She has also been a prominent immigrant rights activist and has worked on establishing legislation that incorporates immigrants to the democratic process such as, Pron N (2016) that gave the right for parents to vote regardless of their immigrant status.


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