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In the last few years, we’ve developed an awareness that words like Hispanic, Latino, Latinx, etc. in the United States are nothing more than made-up labels that oversimplify our identities, our intersections, and our history as a continent. A history that is inextricably linked to colonization and oppression, but also with resistance, ancient traditions, and everything in between.


This is a social experiment that seeks to honor our shared journey through the exploration of all our intersections, which is why we seek to create an inclusive platform with artists who identify as Indigenous, Afro-Latinx, and LGBTQ, among many others, and we invite a diversity of voices to be present. YOURS INCLUDED.


La Diáspora Festival is an International Cultural Festival, taking 20 artists from the Bay Area to Puebla, Mexico in November/December of 2019. This is a community-driven project and we want to start this amazing journey as a big familia!!


We showcased the work of some of the artists who are coming to Mexico in November/December of this year to honor the journey of our ancestors and create cultural bridges with our roots. With no one turned away for lack of funds.


All the proceeds will support us with our goal of fundraising 15K dollars for travel expenses. We are putting in all the work and you can empower this vision!!


Thank you so much for supporting this inspiring project!!


MorenA - La Gente SF

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