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Arturo Méndez

Executive Director

Britany Henry

Brittany Henry

Networking and

Arts Project Manager

Lucia Obregon

Lucha Obregón

Communications and

Event Production Manager

Eva Mas.JPG

Eva Mas

Co-Founder and Producer


The concept of La Diaspora encompasses anyone who lives away from their original homeland, particularly as a result of displacement. These kinds of displacements include environmental disasters, forced migration, or can be economically induced. La Diaspora also encompasses those who have followed the will and desire to migrate.


La Diaspora Festival is a collective movement that spans multiple disciplines, identities, and networks by connecting identifying communities and their allies through artistic events. 


La Diaspora is an event that goes beyond the event. Artists in-community working together to not only organize and perform their art but also to impact their local and global communities. It explores stories and experiences within identity. Seeking to unpack the complex history, migrant communities, communities of color, and indigenous/native populations have in terms of self-identification in relation to communal identity. It has united and engaged various communities within and outside the US, and helped to foster political dialogue between once unconnected communities. La Diaspora festivals have been recognized on a global scale, and are fully financially backed by an assortment of well-vetted sponsors and foundations. What once was an unofficial collection of San Francisco-based artists and friends has turned into an established collective, that works around the year developing related events and more importantly the communities they are based in. This includes the development of artist residency programs, international artist’s mentorship programs, and events, and of course a once a year, large scale event designed to celebrate and amplify artist voices and passions.   


La Diaspora plays an important role in educating audiences on the diversity and versatility that is the lived experiences of its participants. It combats false narratives that years of colonization have produced and propagated and calls out racism not only outside of the community but also within. Its education spans from the recognition and celebration of its African and indigenous roots to the growing visibility of its queer communities. It is intergenerational, multi-cultural & racial, and serves to amplify authentic shared stories. Due to its unifying and communal nature, La Diaspora Festival has led to bonds that cross continents and life experiences. It is truly a seed that has flourished into the most bountiful of trees.   

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